"Sports Psychology: Winning Mind Games for Every Athlete"

Dr. Relax is Dr. Gary A. Beale

Dr. Relax

"...I was able to realize a dream...I set the World record in the bench press. Thank You Dr. Beale for the dream of a life time."

Tammy Dianda, Powerlifter

A Multi-Part Comprehensive Psychological Training Program for Athletes


Relaxation and Imagery Conditioning :

to train your body and mind to relax and perform at their best


Subliminal Suggestion and Self-programming :
to enhance the development and maintenance of a positive, winning attitude

Other Winning Athletes Who Use Our Programs:

Marion Clignet,
Olympic Silver Medal, World Champion

Rick Gunther,
Ultra-marathon World Record

Mark Gilmartin, Golfer
Amateur Champion

Brock Marion,
Defensive Back
Miami Dolphins

US Parachute Team, World Record Holders

Rob Kish, Transcontinental Record Holder, RAAM Winner

More Winning Athletes

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A unique, web-based system of individualized psychological training now assures the development of a winning edge. This powerful system is individually tailored to incorporate each athlete's personal goals, own words, own music and unique circumstances.

Every athlete who uses this two part, basic mental training system is guaranteed to master the mental skills needed to consistently perform at their best.

Through the use of personalized MP3 files or CDs and Free Telephone Coaching with Dr. Beale, this system teaches athletes, over a four-week period, how to enter the ideal psychological state sometimes referred to as "The Zone". As a result of the unique and powerful training and coaching, athletes quickly learn how to apply the three basic skills of:


Voluntary Relaxation/Energy Control


Mental Rehearsal


Cognitive Restructuring (Attitude Enrichment)

Research and experience have proven that Peak Performance is the result of proper physical, nutritional and psychological training and preparation. Most athletes and coaches are aware of and use proper physical and nutritional preparation but very few incorporate all three essential ingredient into their training regimen. With this low cost system of mental preparation every competitor can now include all three essential areas and as a result, perform more consistently at the top of their potential. Our programs represent the latest advances in Applied Sport Psychology.

The Two Part Mental Training Programs in most sports start at only


We offer personalized training programs for athletes in all sports including Soccer, Golf, Skating, Running, Tennis, Football, Cycling, Volleyball, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Baseball, Skydiving, Snowboarding, Powerlifting, Basketball and Judo. We also make custom subliminal CDs for all sports.

Order your comprehensive Basic Mental Training Program today and start your journey down the path to even greater success as a competitor. Positive results are guaranteed or your money back . We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and checks by phone, fax and e-mail. For more information click here or call (808) 261.1833 or toll free at (808) 285-6207.

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