"Sport Psychology: Winning Mind Games for Every Athlete"

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Marion Clignet, French National Cycling Team Marion Clignet,
Olympic Silver

For every athlete there is a state of mind that facilitates peak performance. Athletes that learn to achieve this ideal state have a significant advantage over competitors that can not. Some athletes learn to bring on this ideal state through trial and error. Some achieve this state by chance. Others never learn and as a result are rarely able to consistently bring out their best.

Now for the first time athletes on all levels can learn to achieve the "Peak Performance State" through the use of the Mind Games Two-Part, Comprehensive Mental Training System.

Voluntary Relaxation and Visual Rehearsal are the basic skills that must be developed if the Peak Performance State is to be achieved. Voluntary Relaxation is the ability to consciously calm the mind and body and significantly increase concentration. Visual Rehearsal is the ability to produce and creatively manipulate mental images of your own best performance. When you learn to practice properly in the theater of your mind you multiply your quality practice time. This is very important because:


The theater of your mind is the only place where you can practice perfectly every time.

Rick Gunther,
Ultramarathon World Record
Rick Gunther, 4 Ultramarathon World Records


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