"Sport Psychology: A Winning Mental Game for Every Golfer"

Kirk Triplett, PGA Tour Winner

"When you're on the PGA tour, the difference between winning and missing the cut is all in your head. Mind Games helps give me the mental edge which allowed me to have my best year yet..."
Kirk Triplett
PGA Tour Winner


Relaxation and Imagery Conditioning :
to train your body and mind to achieve the perfect arousal level for every shot and situation


Subliminal Suggestion and Self-programming :

to give you an unshakable, positive, winning attitude that is never too high or too low but always just right

The Two Part Basic Mental Training Program starts at


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If you're playing better in practice than in competition then you need effective, evidence based individualized psychological training. Individualization ensures the development of a winning edge. Unlike generic and other "One-Size-Fits-All" Golf Psychology programs costing hundreds of dollars more, our powerful system is custom made to incorporate your  personal goals, your own words, your own music and your unique circumstances. It is a proven fact that, in most cases, one-on-one training magnifies the effectiveness of the process by at least 50 percent .

Every golfer who uses this two part basic mental training system is guaranteed to master the mental skills needed to consistently perform at their best.

Through the use of two CDs or MP3 files and free Telephone Coaching with Dr. Beale, this system teaches golfers, over a four-week period, how to enter the right psychological state for the short game and the long game. As a result of the training and consultation golfers quickly learn how to apply the three basic skills of:


Voluntary Relaxation/Arousal Control


Mental Rehearsal


Cognitive Restructuring (Attitude Adjustment)

Research and experience have proven that Peak Performance on the golf course is the result of proper physical training and preparation, proper nutrition and diet and proper psychological training and preparation. Most golfers are aware of and use proper physical and nutritional preparation but very few incorporate all three essential ingredient into their training regimen. With this low cost, highly effective system of mental preparation every golfer can now include all three essential areas in their training and as a result, perform more consistently at the top of their potential.

Ordering your comprehensive Basic Mental Training Program today and start your journey down the path to even greater success on the golf course. Positive results are guaranteed or your money back . We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and checks by phone, fax and e-mail. For more information click here.


"As a competitive amateur, practice time is limited to after work hours only. Mind Games allows me to practice the mental side of golf all day long..."
Mark Gilmartin
Southwestern Amateur Champion
Northern Nevada Golf Association
Scratch Player of the Year


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