"...Without Dr. Beale's help and guidance, I don't think I would have ever developed the mental stamina needed to succeed in my sport." 

Sarah Staples-Farmer
2004 Silver Medal, National SportAerobic Championship
2004 5th, World Championship

Brock Marion, Strong Safty - Miami Dolphins

" tapes helped me to greatly increase my ability to perform and make the team in my rookie year."

Brock Marion, Defensive Back
Miami Dolphins, 2001 Pro Bowl


"When you're on the PGA tour, the difference between winning and missing the cut is all in your head. Mind Games helps give me the mental edge which allowed me to have my best year yet!"

Kirk Triplett
PGA Tour Winner



Mark GilmartinMark Gilmartin

"As a competitive amateur, practice time is limited to after work hours only. Mind Games allows me to practice the mental side of golf all day long!"

Mark Gilmartin
Southwestern Amateur Champion
Northern Nevada Golf Association
Scratch Player of the Year



"My tapes helped me to concentrate better and maintain my aggressiveness when climbing and sprinting."


Rick Gunther, Ultramarathon World Record Holder

"In the last five years, I have made four successful attempts at setting new world records....Dr. Beale's system was a very significant factor in my success."

Rick Gunther, Ultra-marathon Cyclist
Four Roller Biking World Records

" ...the tapes and mental training helped me to be more relaxed and cut 24 hours off my previous personal best time."

Rob Kish, Ultra-marathon Cyclist
Race Across America Winner 1992, '94 & '95
Transcontinental Record ( 8 days:3 hr:11 min )

James Woods, NBA Player


"You were the first one to ever teach me about visualization and relaxation, and it helped my free throw shooting tremendously...I lead the NBA in free throw shooting in
Oct. 1990"

David Wood, NBA Player



"Mind Games is an essential tool for helping me relax in a pressure situation during a match."

Kathy Brodrick, Tennis Player
Ranked Number One
Northern California Mixed Doubles

"To perform at a high level all top players are able to relax. You need this tape to learn to relax and get the edge on court."

Bob Deller, Tennis Instructor
Former Touring Pro

"Dr. Beale's methods and tapes have been a consistent part of my mental preparation for the last eight years of my athletic career. They have worked great for me!"

Henry Rolling, Outside Linebacker
Los Angeles Rams

"Since my college days, Dr. Beale's tapes have been a part of my successful attempts to reach my goals. I rely upon him and them to give me that special edge."

Lucius Floyd, Running Back
Edmonton Eskimos
1993 Gray Cup Champions

"....thank you for the valuable skills you taught us. If you find that skiing doesn't satisfy your summer time needs come take a big bit of fresh air with your friends."

"Plane Crazy", US Parachute Team
1994 Sequential CRW Champions
World Record Holders


"Elements for top level athletic performance, the ability to relax and stay focused are equally important. Thanks to Dr. Beale, I now have the tools of mental focus and relaxation on my side!"

David Mannetter, Professional Skier
PSIA Alpine Demonstration Team
Mammoth Mountain Ski School Staff Trainer


Tammi Dianda


"Failure was not a word I enjoyed. Being ranked #1 in the US for seven years, competing with the US Team and placing with a bronze, silver or gold medal at all world competitions was still not success in my mind. I had a goal that I was not able to realize. From the time I began competing in powerlifting I wanted to set the World record in the bench press. I knew I had the strength, attained from 18 years of lifting weights. What was wrong? It was all in my head and with Dr. Gary Beale's personalized tape and visualization program, I was able to realize a dream. My next world powerlifting competition I set the World record in the bench press. Thank You Dr. Beale for the dream of a lifetime."

Tammy Dianda, World Champion Powerlifter



"I have learned to appreciate the importance of mental training for ski racing. I can not train as hard or as often as some of my competitors. This has lead me to hone the mental skills required to focus on the process, not the outcome."

Kay Ptashne, Far West Masters Racer
1998 USSA Masters Nationals
Gold Medal, Combined



Carl Underkoffler

"Everyone who participates in sports can gain an extra edge by using Dr. Beale's tapes. They give you the self-confidence to believe in yourself and take care of the business at hand."

Carl Underkoffler, Professional Skier
PSIA Alpine Demonstration Team
Mammoth Mountain Ski School Staff Trainer



"I was in a skating competition in mid July (1999) and used the tape and affirmations beforehand, and it helped a lot. I also skated an essentially clean program with one minor footwork glitch, and won first place. So yes, I really use it and it works for me."

Molly J., Figure Skater
Active Adult Silver Competitor

Mike White, NCAA National Championship Finalist '97 & '98

"Dr. Beale's Mental Training Program has given me a significant edge in I am mentally prepared to perform at my best on a consistent basis. Soon after beginning the program in 1996 I made a huge breakthrough in my race results, and I continue to use the tapes and affirmations before important races."

Mike White, Nordic Racer
NCAA Championship Finalist 1997 & 1998
Team Member, National Relay Champions 2000



Derek Mortson



"Saying Dr. Beale's affirmations helps me ski to my full potential. His program rocks!"

Derek Mortson, Alpine Racer
Alberta Alpine Provincial Ski Team