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Subliminal Reinforcement is one of the most misunderstood and underrated performance-enhancing tools of this decade. The word subliminal means below the threshold of conscious perception. Subliminal Reinforcement is reinforcement that occurs below the threshold of conscious perception.

If you have ever thought you heard the telephone ringing while running the vacuum sweeper and then turned the machine off to listen and discovered that the phone was in fact ringing, you have experienced subliminal reinforcement. The sound of the vacuum drowned out the sound of the phone, forcing it just below the threshold of conscious perception, but the ringing of the phone still prompted (i.e., reinforced) your desire to take action.

Because each of us is a separate individual with many special characteristics which are unique to us, personalized affirmations make the most effective subliminal messages. When written properly personalized affirmations reflect our own uniqueness and support the specific action steps necessary to achieve our special goals. Subliminal affirmations are a powerful form of suggestion. If you wish to program your thoughts with the aid of subliminal affirmations you must use the principle of suggestion called the Law of Concentrated Attention:

Whenever attention is concentrated on an idea over and over again, the idea tends to spontaneously realize itself.

Repetitive mass media commercials used in advertising are typical examples of everyday applications of this law.

Research and experience has proven that in order for your affirmations to have an optimal effect on you as subliminal messages they must be merged with a masking medium, like music or the sound of ocean waves, in very specific ways. For example, the volume of your affirmations must be maintained just below the hearing threshold and must vary with the volume of the music. Your affirmations must also have a tonal quality that is free of the sibilants (hissing sounds) of the human voice. If these two basic requirements are not met the brain will track and block out the subliminal message just as it tracks and blocks out the audible hum of a fan or other monotonous background sound. These two basic technical requirements can only be satisfied by the use of an electronic device. Carl Staub, a brilliant electrical engineer and president of a local company named Agtron, designed and perfected the device that I currently use. Carl's device electronically removes the sibilants, mixes the music with the affirmations and continually adjusts the volume of the affirmations so that no matter how loud or how soft the music becomes the affirmations are always just below the hearing threshold.

For optimum effectiveness when using personalized subliminal tapes, concentrate your thoughts on your affirmations in these two ways:

1) Say your affirmations aloud at least once each day.
2) Listen to your subliminal affirmations as often as possible.

Subliminal reinforcement works at the level of the subconscious mind, and when the subconscious mind is repeatedly subjected to positive, goal-oriented affirmations you've written, the affirmations began to replace doubts and negative thoughts and transform your attitude into that of a consistent winner.

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