The Mental Strength and Toughness Training Programs are offered in five options that are designed to meet the needs of athletes and competitors at different stages of skill and development. All programs above the Standard Level include the use of music, or nature sounds, of your choice within the subliminal portions of each program. Not sure which program is best for your needs? Call me at: (808) 261-1833

Standard Version at least one personalized mental rehearsal and standard subliminal affirmations combined on one CD. The subliminal affirmations are specific to your sport but not personalized to you. Consultation and support not included but can be purchased at a reduced price. Only available with the CD Option. You will receive only one CD containing both Mental Rehearsal and Standard Subliminal Affirmations.

The Standard Version would be most suitable for someone only wishing to work on one aspect of their mental game such as being more relaxed when they compete. 

 Professional Version at least two personalized mental rehearsals that are specific to your needs. The subliminal portion contains standard affirmations. Two months of free unlimited, electronic consultation and support. With the CD Option you will receive two CDs.

The Professional Version would be most suitable for someone only wishing to work on two aspects of their mental game.

Subliminal Version personalized affirmations that are specific to your needs. Designed to help you completely revise and enhance your attitude, motivation, confidence, emotional control and will power. One CD or tape is included. Revision of goals and affirmations at six month intervals is offered at a 20% discount over a period of 12 months from the date of your initial enrollment.

The Subliminal Version would be most suitable for someone only wishing to work on their attitude.

 World-Class Version at least three personalized mental rehearsals and personalized subliminal affirmations on at least two CDs.  Three months of free, unlimited consultation and support is included. Designed for the serious athlete who wants to improve all aspects of performance and become a master of the mental game.

The World-Class Version would be most suitable for someone wishing to work on all aspects of their mental game.

World Class - Platinum Level - priority, individualized training and consultation for the elite amateur and professional competitor. Three month blocks of intense and highly focused training, consultation and support with unlimited access to Dr. Beale. Designed to meet the unique needs of the elite athlete over a complete season of competition.

The Platinum Level would be most suitable for someone who would like a Mental Strength Coach for an entire season or portions of the season.